Participants in the school workshops will gain the concepts and tools they will need to develop positive self-esteem while maintaining a strong self-image. Bill’s fresh, enthusiastic, and entertaining approach to education will provide a positive experience that will motivate students to do their very best. This workshop is a great way to kick off the school year or energize your group before a big event or at the mid-point of the semester.

Each workshop is built and developed to fit the needs of your program.  Bill will create a seminar about the success and challenges that you meet every day with your students. The workshop will focus on your specific concerns and address a pathway to success and improvement.

Workshops can be as long or as short as you desire and can involve a variety of people. Full group sessions, leadership only sessions, and parent booster sessions can be arranged for your program. Bill’s workshops will help your students understand that in order to achieve high levels of performance, they have to step forward and get the job done. In addition, your students will understand that their success is dependent upon the success of their teachers and peers. In order for a group to be successful, each individual must also be successful.

Segments of the Workshop

  • Effective Communication
  • The Value of Risk
  • Behavior Modification vs. Motivation
  • Setting High Standards of Excellence
  • Dealing with Insecurities
  • Fundamentals of Self-Discipline

The above principles are set forth with activities that reinforce the power of cooperation, communication, and trust.

Anticipated Outcomes of Workshop

  • Independent Carry-through
  • Sensitivity to Peers
  • Development of a Positive Attitude
  • Understanding of I/Me vs. We/Us
  • Increased Group Cooperation
  • Commitment to Self-Improvement